Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 11

Aww, Hugo and Skippy-Jon are making friends!

Rupert's getting to enjoy some of this sunshine.

Coco =)

Rufus looks like he's enjoying his hut.

Roo always has a smile on his face, he must be having a good dream right now.

Mittens thinking of coming out.

Never mind, she likes it better in here. =)

Ooh, what's over there coco?

I call this the "sleepy ballerina"  Bentley.

Frankie =)

I don't know what Istra's doing right here... She looks kind of like a ninja though.

I know better than to go for the tummy rub, I really do.

But it's just too tempting!

Istra is such a little flirt.

Frankie having to pet herself. Sorry Frankie, I'll get right on that!

Minka is such a gorgeous kitty.

Bath time!

Marie's kitty, Charles is helping keep an eye on everyone.

Istra's outta here!

Minka and Istra getting to know each other.

Hi sleepy-head!  Rufus.

Rupert's back in his favorite spot, on top of the condos.

What a sweet face! Hugo =)

Istra again. =)

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