Saturday, May 25, 2013

We have lots of kitty guests this Memorial Day weekend and lots of photos too.

 Phoenix is looking pretty adorable.

 Mt. T showing off his big eyes.

 Coco loves her cozy kitty tent.

 Chloe is comfortable in her cat-head basket.

 Marilyn poses perfectly for the camera like a movie star.

 While Lady Penelope sticks her tongue out at us.

 Vinnie is one of our more senior guests.

 Momma told me he couldn't jump anymore, but she should see how high he got on this cat perch.

 Lady "P" enjoying the sights of a lush Spring garden.

 Jessica wants to know if that flea comb is for her.  Nope, fleas not allowed at All My Kitties.

 What a classic pose from Kaplan.

 Leo is king of the mountain, or at least the king of the condo.

 Kaplan looking up at Leo.
 Bubba is a sweetie kitty but just prefers to be off on his own and watches the activity.

 Molly is just a doll.  She loves her basket and condo.

 Atticus is on a perch way above the door.  He and his brother Leo love the high spots in the cattery.

 Yes, Lulu is talking as usual.  

 Leo feels comfortable up on the shelf next to the Bose radio listening to classical music.

 It's hard to tell Teddy from the stairs.

 I had to re-position the camera angle to get a color contrast.  Such a handsome boy.

 When the flash goes off, the kitties squint.  They don't understand when you tell them not to blink.

 It doesn't get much cuter than Bentley.

 Unless you are Kaplan trying to grasp at a green leaf outside the fence.  He is a Pixie Bob and has a short little tail.  So cute.

 Mowgli has gorgeous marking, don't you think?

 Twyla is in her first day back at the cattery mood.  Sorry Twyla.

 Stella has been out all morning but she's angry at me because I have to give others a chance to be out for a while.  I'll let you out again really soon Stella.

 Poppy decided there were a few too many kitties in the cattery this weekend for her comfort level, so we brought her up to my office for a couple of days.  She discovered the window veranda and LOVES IT!

 Gomez has everything within his reach.  He loves to wrap himself up like a sausage roll.

 Yesterday this was a cute little catnip toy until someone had their way with it last night.  

 Molly showing off her lovely white neck and chest.

 Mr. T. cruisin' the condos.

 Malachi just hanging out until his next meal.

 What's the traffic doing on the I-90 bridge Poppy?

 Was Gomez the catnip toy culprit? He's looking pretty guilty.

 Smokey has the most gorgeous silky grey coat.

 I get a little lap dance from Gomez, oh my!

 Big eye boy again.

 Jessica, I think this is you.  Weren't you in the same bed yesterday?  It has a heating pad underneath it.  Mmmmm.

 Twins Yuki and Hana are a little apprehensive.
 Here they come.

 Poncho scarfs up someone else's food.  Oh No Poncho, you're supposed to be on a diet.  Get away from there.

 Maggie likes to show off for the camera.

 This is clearly Molly's condo but Teddy decided he liked.

 Here comes Molly and she's not happy.  Come on Teddy, move to your condo which is right below.

One of our long time favorite guests is Aussie.  She's taking one of  her luxurious afternoon snoozes.

  Smokey is supervising my blog posting and I am supervising him to make sure he doesn't eat any strings, which he likes to do.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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