Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October 18th, 2016

Chewie chills out 

Surprise, Nazale!

Lovely lady

Nice eyeliner, Spike!

Fluffers is just so..fluffy!

Theo is lost in thought

Wish I knew what he is thinking..

Tana is way up there!

Pip in a basket!

Nice tux, Pouncer!

Sabrina is such a love muffin

Wally is wonderful!

McClane mid yawn!

That's better

Simba has the softest orange coat

Sister Mystic pops out to greet me

Moose! We love you!

Oyster seems to know when the camera is around

"Ready for my close up!" 
Yana zones out

Itch, scratch!

Petunia is one pretty princess!


Pangur is looking mighty proud

See something, Artie?

What a silly face, Artie!

Happy sunny Wednesday!

Your blog host, Lindsay

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