Thursday, September 20, 2018

September 20th

Summer is coming to a close at All My Kitties... but are kitties ready for sweater weather??

Flex those muscles, Skipper!

Frankie is so mysterious...

Is that you up there, Lily?

Rigby is new to the place.

And he's such a nice guy!


Rita is really warming up to the place!

Korra the Magnificent.

I've never seen a cat make so much eye contact with the camera.


Cecil is a very dignified cat.  

Data on the prowl.  

Skipper is looking for some fun!

Welcome back, Clovis!

What do you see out there, Maggie?

Ravello is full of spunk!

We love it!

Padstow is one with nature. 

You're going home today, Mezzie!

Good to see you again, Quorra!

George is a hoot.

Scout has laid claim to her condo.  


We dig your stylish jacket, Zoe.  

How'd you get to be so sweet, Cyan?

Ollie is a Mr. Nice Guy!

Washi should be in the magazines!

Have a great day!

Your blog host,


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sept 18th

We're really "stuck" on all these sweet kitties staying with us!

Ravello gets some playtime in the catio


George found the best toy

Korra just wants to say hi to Ravello 
Hiiiii Korra!

Korra shows Ravello the cool toy

And Data isn't far behind!


Skipper loves a good basket, upside down or not

Cecil found the warmest and sunniest window sill

Emmy climbs to the top of the cattery

"Now how do I get down?"

You can do it!

Padstow really knows how to relax on vacation

Mezzy loves a good sunbeam

So does George! 

Ravello and George have finally found a playmate in one another

Welcome Rigby! 
So great to meet you finally! 
So glad to have Maggie back!

She had so much to tell me as we got caught up
Love that new collar bow of hers!
Jade moves with the sunbeams around the room

Sleepy Ollie

Action Ollie!

Family photo!

Welcome Rita!

I love your new headphones and hair, Jade!
Jade looooves to give hugs!

Thanks for tuning in and have a purrrfect day!

Your Blog Host,