Tuesday, May 21, 2019

May 21st

The Gang's All Here!

Dumpling tests out the new perch
Ollie takes a turn

Molly is so cute when she naps like this

Caught! Catnip-handed! 
That was nice of Molly to let you borrow that, Chewy!

There's so much of Ike to love! 
Dumpling on adventures

Mojo couldn't wait to hang in the catio

He didn't even miss a beat!

Archie loves the views here
Little Apollo is quite a delightful kitty!

Percy always looks so surprised

Archie is a model cat

Someone get him a contract!

Tenzing is magnificent!

Tiger in a cabin!

Mezzy tastes her nose
Tenzing found some fresh catnip

Tiger strikes a pose as Dumpling sneaks behind

Frankie lives for the catio

Percy gobbled up all that fresh catnip I brought!

Mezzy gets a visit from her big brother!
Such a lucky lady!

Guarding her favorite basket
Here comes Apollo to the catio!

Sometimes I feel like I'm being watched....

By these two cutie-patooties!
CC & Mango!

Baba gets in on the catnip party

"Leopold, they got the good stuff here!"

Awww yissss gurl

Frankie looms

Scout does a kitty-loaf

I love that tail whip when Rita spots me

Beau loves head scritches more than anyone

Rita loves snaaaacks more than anyone!
Do you approve of the new perch, Sandwich?
He is floppy like a PB&J sammich! 

Ollie makes a lovely croissant

Molly loves a good lap

Zip gets a model shot

Airplane ears! 
Smokey does the flop 'n' roll

"Pet meeeeeeee!"

"Okay but stop now..."
Snuggles for Scout!

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host,

Sunday, May 19, 2019

May 19th

All the Action is Here!

 Frankie getting her tan on

Ike is such a dapper guy

Rita lounges on the cool tile

Beau and his tiny bow-lips

So demure with one paw out

Scouts gotta shout!

Ollie is always the first one to check out a new box

That look back from Dumpling!

Tenzing contemplates dinner

Dumpling is just the happiest guy! 
Tiger poses for his portrait

Tenzing looks like a forest floof!

Leopold is all chill

Baba is in love with the catio

Dumpling & Baba

A fierce beauty she is

Tiger waits under my feet for love

Frankie gets flatter as the days get longer 
Zen Ollie

I think Tenzing just likes the taste of his nose

Pretty Percy

Archie has that Egyptian eye-liner

Mango starts to roll as soon as I approve

She loves to hug her knees as she naps

Cece beeebeeee!

She does the cuddle-roll too

Percy has FABULOUS eyebrows!

Rita is a big fan of her princess condo

Zip just woke up from her nap!

Molly is a sweet lil old lady

Peanut cheeks!

Cooper teefies! 
Smokey waits for his new friend, Sandwich, to chase him around some more

And here he comes!
They've been playing all day!

Molly waits patiently for snuggles

Francis says "come over here!" 
"Look how innocent I am!"

What kind of bird is this?

Chewie is hibernating today

Sandwich checks out the view
Tiger says "thanks for checking us out!"

Your Blog Host,