Monday, September 16, 2019

September 16th


Today is Maddie's last day of her summer gig with AMK

She has been an amazing addition to our team all summer long and we wish her luck as she heads off to grad school!

Archer is feeling frisky!
Now its time to nap

Astro is out of this world!

Candy loves her cabin during the day 
And her cozy bubble at night

Charles says "ciao mama bella!"
Elsa gets some love

Ana helps me with the blog!

Chewy wakes up for a quick photo

Coco is on top of the world!

How does her fur stay so shiny?

Cooper gets some fresh air

Little Elsie loves to bat at us from up high 
Reach out and touch me!
Is that your chair now Ana?

Francis and Cooper are quite the pair

Model cats!

Frankie P has ears that hear all the way to Mt. Rainier!

And a nice bouquet of toes

Frankie O gets silly in the catio

She wonders where the cabin roof went!

Hugo is pretty in pink

His next favorite spot

Janeway steals Elsie's condo for a nap

Whats cookin Leo? 

Welcome back LV! 

Frankie mlems

Mochi's like a little soot sprite

Didn't take her too long to discover adventures in the catio

Navi preferred to take a bath in her carrier

Ollie K. is a big fan of the cat tree

Looking regal there!

Another handsome Ollie enjoys the catio chair 
I love a shiny black kitty!

Petunia makes the best faces of any cat

Pawl is so mysterious

Bear & Peanut Butter are so sweet!
But just a little camera shy
Mochi matches my arm!

Petunia you are too cute!

Simon surveys his kingdom

He's gonna miss his new bff Maddie

Tula says "Ta-ta for now!"

Thanks for tuning in!
Your Blog Host(s)
Angela (& Ana) 

Saturday, September 14, 2019

September 14

Today is all about getting cozy! 🙌


Mimi birdwatching. 😸

Ana is SO comfy. 

Apollo - caught in the act of being cute!

Archer on the lookout. 

Long-haired and luxurious Astro!

Peanut Butter and Bear snuggled in like
two bugs in a rug. 🐛

Blaire and Pepper exploring! 

Blaire is an adventure kind of guy!

Brew has an admirer 😂 gotta love TomTom. 

Candy in a cabin.

Charles, ever-watchful. 

Chewy is comfy-cozy. 

Cleo and Jake at the top of the world!

Comfy Clovis. 

Incognito Coco. 

Cooper is cute as a button. 

Elsa is such a friendly little lady. 

Elsie is such a sweet girl -
she's always up for a cuddle session. 

Fantastic Francis. 

Frankie in her favorite spot. 

Hugo knows where it's at!

Janeway is ready to lead this ship!

Welcome back, Leo!

Maisie is very talkative this morning. 

We always know where to find Miss Millie!

Minka on the move. 

Ollie N. getting onto his throne. 

Mira and Tyson taking a quiet morning in. 

Say hello to the Marvelous Mochi!

Monkey taking a quick nap. 

Ollie K. in his secret spot. 

Say hello to "Pawl McCatney"!

Pepper loves a good belly rub!

Petunia is such a doll. 💓

Our main man Simon. 😻

Have a lovely weekend!

-Maddie, Angela and the
All My Kitties Team