Tuesday, January 21, 2020

January 21st


Simon always looks so cozy in his basket. 

Lovely Coraline.

Hyra watches over the room.

Oyster couldn't wait to head to the catio this morning.  

Brutus is a cat of many trades.  

Jessica shows off her scratching skills.  

Brutus never turns down a photo op.  

Happy-go-lucky Bell Pepper.  


Jessica would like you to know that her condo door is always open to visitors. 

Bell Pepper busy exploring the catio.  

Jessica said she would go outside, but the floor isn't heated like it is inside!  

How'd ya get all the way up by the ceiling, Gracie?  

Elsie loves to luxuriate.  

Coraline puts the fur between her toes on display.  

The office floor is a blurr of fluffy white cats.  

Things start to get silly real quick.   

Polly is ready for her close-up!  

Gracie basks in a ray of sunlight.  

Coco, you're the cutest kitty I know-co!  

Mia rules the roost around here.  

Auspicious Aussie.  

It's easy to get lost in Maisie's blue eyes. 

Anastasia naps on teh window sill.  

She wakes up just in time to smile for the camera.

Thanks for looking!

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

January 19th

It's a beautful day at All My Kitties.  How lucky we are to have such a view.

 Elsa prefers her tent.

Maisie peeks out from her condo.


Mia thinks it's a good day to be out on the window veranda

 Coco enjoys a glimmer of sun.


Jessica steps out onto the heated floor

 Hi Brutus


 Ian still enjoying the heated basket.  It's his favorite spot.

 Hyra is also enjoying the catio.

 Oyster has big eyes for flying creatures in the backyard. 

It's Hyra the leg climber.

 Mavis getting some exercise.

 Bell Pepper is a social kitty.

 Millie makes a big reach towards me.

Such a pretty girl.

 Coconut is also showing off her beauty.

 Toby went home today after his first successful stay at AMK.

 Yikes!  XRay eyed Mia

 Maybe they're love eyes for her neighbor.

 Clovis.  Do you have something on your nose?

Night night kitten.

Am I missing anyone?  Do you want more photos of your kitty?  Email me at marie@allmykitties.com

Your blog host - Marie