Wednesday, April 17, 2024

April 17, 2024

 April 17

Happy Wednesday!

Mack spies a bird and staying cozy up high

Luna is quite the talker, she's telling us she likes the catio

Punky and Rickon are both enjoying the catio time

Pippin likes the window and tops of the condos to explore

Mumu like the scratcher and windows boxes

Halley loves watching out the window from her condo
from her condo and while roaming 

Koko is love exploring the cattery

Miso and Mochi out exploring and making friends!

Athena wantd to know if this is how the heated bed works

Harvey loves the up high places

Saba making friends and exploring

Percy is always ready for his close up

Pudge found a cozy bed to watch birds

Bunny staying cozy in her condo and 
Hugo getting some scratching in

Ninja and Smokey staying cozy in their condo for their first day

Nisa and Momo are out exploring early today

We will see you on Friday!

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