Thursday, December 12, 2019

December 12th

Thursday's with the cool cats 

Birdie likes to hang out on the roof on Cool Cat Thursday

Blueberry is staying on the lookout for any "fowl" play

Lamar is stalking some unexpected prey

Purr-C is watching Lamar very intently

Unbothered in their warm beds Charlie and Kemba stay out of the ruccous enjoying their Cool Cat Thursday with a nap nap

Luna is inspecting the water just to be safe

Dommy has just finished scaring off some squirrels and has decided to turn in for the evening

Quorra has just returned for the holidays 

Unsure of the situation outside, Noodles decides to stay indoors

Frankie needs to take a closer look

Buddy hears a loud noise and takes cover

Budda apologizes for being the source of the loud noise

And Tula goes back to her secret hiding spot for protection during Cool Cat Thursday

Your blog host - Raven

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

December 10th

Rainy Days in Seattle☔

What do kitties do when the rain won't go away?
Shiloh and Domino

These guys are taking it easy
Charlie and Kemba


Some like to hide 

 And these guys just do their own thing





Your blog host - Raven

Sunday, December 8, 2019

December 8th

via MEME

Luna and Purr-C are two peas in a pod.

TomTom is a member of the Paw Paw club!

He is the reigning President.

My, what big paws!  You deserve the title!

Mochi is cozy in her condo.

Budda is content with a high-up perch.  

Salutations, Jackson!

Kema with a jack-o-lantern nose.

Ron is always a good boy.

Jackson is full of energy!  

He can't wait to explore the room.

Bunkmates Roger and Junebug.

Sweetest Roger.

Junebug is equally nice.

Apollo is long and lean.

B-Boy is the biggest boy in town.

Darling Daisy.

Great to see you again, Charlie!

Domino is a big fan of this particular condo.

Puss "N" Boots rules the roost.

Have a great day!

Your blog host,


Friday, December 6, 2019

December 6th


Ollie is satisfied to occupy the computer chair.  

Purr-C doesn't mind the cold when he's on a heated pad.


Peanut Butter being a brave explorer.


Curious TomTom.

Beautimous B-Boy.

Puss "N" Boots is head cat around these parts.

Prettiest Purr-C.

B-Boy is a delight!

Peanut Butter has got to check out the catio at least once a day.  

Peanut Butter must secure the perimeter.  

Bear eagerly watches the door for customers.  

Welcome back, Junebug!

Sweetest Apollo.

Mochi only just got here and it's great to see her again!

Roger just arrived and is eager to explore the catio.

Luna feeling festive.  

Coco always looks so cozy in her basket.

Budda has the gift of gab.


Lila lives on shoulders. 


Budda watches over the room.

Lovely Goose.

Jackson says that it's chilly outside!  

Jasper heads for the highest place in the room. 

Thanks for looking!

Your blog host,