Friday, March 16, 2018

March 16th

Everyone is enjoying the warm weather today at All My Kitties. 

Angelic Moose.  

Andy and Niko are a pair made in heaven.

Let's get some work done!

Elijah wants lap time!  

You're pretty cute.  

Fluffy just checked in--wide-eyed and bushy-tailed!

Ready to explore!

Always happy to see you, Louis!

Bags has a lot of new room mates today. 

Pudge is back!  

We haven't had any Trouble here for a while now.  

Papa Bert is a good boy!  

Blaire's got the moves!  


Fiona is a real charmer.  

She loves being held.  

Made it into your basket, Q-Tip?  

Fifi springs into action.  

Buddy catches some rays.  

Fifi loves life!    

Handsome Simba.  

Penny makes her way to the catio.  


Shadow really knows how to enjoy himself.  

Welcome, Hugo!  


Q-Tip is all dressed up in his finest.  


Fiona loves her condo.  

Good to see you again, Sriracha!  

Courageous Cheeto.  

Moe and Sebastian just arrived.  

Captivating Roscoe.  

Roscoe and Cheeto have been hanging out together all afternoon.  

Cheeto would like ALL the attention, please!  

Charming Cheeto.  

Thanks for checking out all the cool kitties today!

Your blog host,


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

March 14th

It sure feels like Spring at All My Kitties!

Elijah takes a field trip to the catio.  

Bags is happy to have the office all to himself!

Blaire just rolled in.  

Curious Fiona.  

Sunny days for Otis.  

Buddy is set to explore the catio. 

On the move!  

Lovely Elijah.  

Shadow has found himself a sunny spot.  

Fantastic Fiona.  

Cheeto is a playful trickster.  

Tee hee hee.  

Fifi is really warming up to the place.  

Blair is ready to walk the cat walk!  

Penny is a sweet little thing.  

Q-Tip loves to lounge in his litter box, so we set him up with a bed.  

He also loves being pet on the head!  

Seductive Simba.  

Andy and Niko are never far apart.  

What would the world be without Bags?  

Bert is a sweet fella!  

Buddy boy!

Have a great day!!!

Your blog host,