Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anonymous Posting Enabled!

If you've tried to comment before and you've been given the run-around by the comment feature, asking you to provide info or log in or whatnot-- fear not!  I have just enabled anonymous commenting!  I didn't realize that it wasn't already enabled.

So now, please leave us LOTS of comments!  You can select "Anonymous" and then just sign it with your name (or not!)

If you comment, we'll know you enjoy seeing your cat up here and we'll keep doing this.  You can also email us if you don't like being in the spotlight.  We appreciate all the feedback we have gotten already, and hope for more!  Thank you!!!

We love all our friends!


  1. Thank you for the pictures of Aussie! I'm glad she finally came out to play. She's snuggled up with me on the couch right now :-)