Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meow, meow, MEOW! Gabby is really talkative.

Butterscotch enjoys his cat veranda and the sunshine! 

Moose just arrived today! She is adjusting well and is ready to play!

Tina Fey thinks I'm holding a treat for her! She is disappointed when it's just the camera. 

Mittens naps on top of Tina Fey's condo. 
She doesn't look to happy getting her picture taken right after waking up.

Jackie O is a new guest too!
She is enjoying her cat basket for watching all the other kitties.

Here is Hildy and Brody! 
They have become roommates and both really enjoy this part of the catio.

Brody finds his breakfast! Om nom nom nom..

I think he enjoyed it!

Kaster is a really furry kitty! Look at his mane!

Ollie has found a kitty house outside!

He pokes his head out of his blanket so I can take a picture.

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