Thursday, September 1, 2011


He has claimed his favorite spot, as usual.  A raised basket in the outdoor enclosure.

Millie frolics about, begging for attention.

"Look how cute I am!!!"

Harrison goes bonkers for a little catnip.

Mac is taking her daily stroll, checking to make sure everything is in order.

Huxley has found a secret fort to hide in.  Luckily I found him to give him his breakfast!

This is Jackson, Butters' brother.

Buzz enjoys a nap in his basket, until I disturb him with the camera's flash!

I caught Puss 'n' Boots enjoying a nice "kneading" session in the bed up on top of one of the condos.

Twyla has a golden halo!  She loves the warmth from those lights.

Moose is a sweetheart.

I swear I was petting her-- not pulling her whiskers!

Pi is a big friendly guy.  Here, he's relaxing half in, half out of the kitty pagoda.

And WHAT is happening in the garden now??!

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