Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

Here's our buddy Bags who doesn't seem interested that this is the last day of the year.

New kitty Chewie seems to like this catnip toy!

Come on Chewie, let's look lively.

Bags loves it.

Ahhhh, Catnip bliss.

Jersey is a sweetie-pie!  It's her first stay at All My Kitties.  She prefers the basket this visit.

Ms. Wilson keeps an eye on things.  If she disapproves of something, she'll be sure to let you know.  
She has been visiting us for years and knows the ropes.

Cougar Cat.



Sweet Ollie

Zezou loves attention or maybe he's just asking for more kitty kibble.

Philbert in his favorite heated basket.

Josie does yoga!  The floor is heated too making the downward Dog pose more enjoyable.
  Oh dear, I said the "D" word.

Huxley is another frequent visitor.

Jackson blinks every time the camera flashes.

Ok, no flash this time Jackson.  Now we see your eyes.

Poncho on the prowl!

Tizzy is a silly kitty!

She and Cece know how to expend as little energy as possible while playing.

Abbott is good at that, too.

Twyla's fluff droops through the ceiling grate while she enjoys the heat from the overhead lamp. 
 Do cats get as annoyed as people when you take pictures from unflattering angles?

Here's Coco the kitten!  What a darling.

She likes the printer, a lot!

And my cowl...

Abbott & Costello are brothers who love each other!

Thank you to special friends who shared their bounty
to start the new year.

First, home-grown eggs!

Yummy yummy! Eggs Benedict here we come.

Then, champagne and artisan chocolates to share while we ring in the new year.

 Too many of these can really put on the pounds on, but hey, it's the holidays, right?

And then to make up for all the celebrating...

We'll get off to a good, healthy start in 2012!  I hear that Greenbluff's are the sweetest carrots this side of the Mississippi.  January is the time for juicing.  

And here I am after a crazy day with the kitties.  But I LOVE IT!

I hope everyone has a great night tonight!  We'll see you all next year!

Your blog host,

Thank you for bringing your precious feline to All My Kitties.

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