Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22

Aww Arena! she's always happy to see anyone! 

Stella wasn't very intrigued by the sunshine today..she rather hangout in her favorite condo 

Josie was ready for this one!

Josie owns the place

Look at these two bonding! Lulu and Indy!

Always on the lookout! Frankie

Muggins, this is how I feel today too.. 


Bentley gets to eat his meals with a view!

Precious Lola! Always getting our attention from her spot up above!

That little guy popping out there in Rufus. Some cats love to burrow and hide under things... Rufus is a  perfect example of just that. What a cutie!

Kitty loves the sunshine! I don't blame her..Seattle sunshine is hard to come by!


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