Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 7th

Aw, Chubbs hanging out in the window.

But wait! There's more!

These three are almost always like this. It's soo sweet.

Marshmallow enjoying more chin rubs. 

Lady Penelope has a bit to talk to me about! 

Indie looks soooo sleepy. Such a cutie.

Mmm yea, that's the spot! 

Minime really loves this spot outside. He can enjoy the sun and stay in the shade at the same time.

Grace looks pretty comfortable.

Little Bit has such a cute expression on her face.

Oscar just LOVES this spot outside.

Badger, how cute are you?

Tana enjoying a cool drink of water.


Maddox, could you be any cuter?

Jack Black found another kitties condo to snooze in.

Leopold had taken over someone else's condo too.

Spike getting ready to jump down for some cuddles.

How can you say no to a face like that?!
(Francis in the background)

Summer is too cute.

Francis waltzing over to me

Sushi enjoying a nap on the lovely day.

Spike followed me outside :)

Maxwell investigating the camera.

"Hmm... maybe I could slip through the crack under the door.."

Instead of escaping Maxwell has made it his duty to protect the door and make sure nobody escapes.
(Without petting him first!)
And now Spike's on my lap. He's such a sweet heart.

Tana has a lot to tell me!

Ohh, what's going on outside, Summer?

Puss'N'Boots is such a handsome boy

Kashi posing for the camera.

Chubbs came out from the window for some attention.

Frost sniffing my finger.

Frost was grooming my hair earlier. I wasn't able to get a picture but trust me, it was adorable!
Such a helpful sweet kitty.

 We have three kitties joining us all the way from Spain!!!
Here's Allison giving Mitchell some lovin.

Grizzy getting cozy in her basket.

and Cinnamon being adorable! 

Mmm ear rubs!

Have a great day!
Your blog host - Ellen

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