Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13th

Hey Butterscotch, how's it going?

Cleo was having a blast on top of her carrier

Loki, aren't you just so handsome?
(Billy's peeking out from behind him! So cute!)

Best buds Loki and Billy

Is there something going on over there Butter?

Settie spending her day napping.

Aussie is quite happy to just snooze away in bed.

Peach just went home but she's too cute. I just had to put a picture of her.

Hugo looks so handsome in the sunlight

Frank is the master at lounging around.

Serena also went home but again, she's too cute!

This is Frank's "pay attention to me" look. And I am happy to do just that!

Finley looks right at home

Such a cute kitty.

Maddie is really feeling these heated beds.

Marie's kitty, Shiloh, spending some time with me in the office.

Does that pillow smell good, Smokey?

Happy Monday!
Your blog host - Ellen

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