Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 15th

Starbuck soaking up the chin rubs!

Annie has such a cute little round face!

Kiki and Trooper hanging out together

What a cutie!

Percy in his favorite spot

Jeff is so curious!

Desi thinks I should spend less time on the blog and more time with her.

"Pet me now!"

What a dreamy look from Puss'n'Boots

Mowgli has really warmed up

Grace sittin' pretty

Zeus loves his bed from home

Black, your eyes match your bed!

I just wanna squish those jelly bean toes of Sambi's!

Jack Black saying hello to Sambi

Lilly is queen of the castle

Bowie is such a handsome kitty

Achilles getting comfy

I think I woke Holder up from his nap

Geri is such a sweetheart

Ziggy looks like a wise old man

Tiger is passed out

Bailey Bob, what is your paw doing?

Max will follow me everywhere for some head rubs

Xinhou posing for the camera

Lopo enjoying the view

I don't even know what Mittens is doing...

Frank doing his thing

Kramer is plotting the next escape mission

And of course, sweet little Jackson.

Your blog host - Ellen

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