Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 8th, 2015

It's afternoon playtime for Joey and Theo

Theo gone wild!

Leo pops up from underneath Marie's feet to see what's up

Getting sleepy, Zoey?

Here's Baby and her big green eyes

Chomp chomp

Louie is intrigued 

Leo's perplexed look

Sabrina sure doesn't need any blankets with that soft coat!

Joey continues to go to town


I love your sweet little face, Zoey

I don't think you look quite comfy enough, Mcclane

Beatrice in her safe little tent

Noodles spots the toy..

....makes a lunge for it...

...thinks about it for a moment... over it.

Sweet Ben wakes up for cuddles!

I was lucky enough to receive some kisses as well

Lenez in a sound slumber

Molly isn't sure about being photographed right now

But look at that face.

There ya are, Marley!

Frankie sticks her tongue at me

I found Lady Penelope curled up in a house

She is truly a Lady.

Peter catches some Zzzzz's

Puss'n Boots is back!

Thanks to everyone who checks us out regularly! Have a lovely Sunday!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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