Friday, November 25, 2016

November 25th 2016

It's the day after Thanksgiving and the kitty guests are keeping us busy working off all that pumpkin pie! 
Newton couldn't eat another bite!  

Looking rather ferocious there, Cassini



Columbus is an exploitative little guy.

Leo is dapper fella!  

Stella is a sweet little thing.  

Pancho Puss!  

Lola's a pretty, pretty Princess.  

Haj watches the world go by.  

Cougar is a cat of the outdoors!  

Sonny has one tall & lean figure!

Ispie is a jet black beauty

What mesmerizing green eyes you have, KC!

Sonny such is a delight


Frankie snoozes off her Thanksgiving hangover

Kashi & Tana cozy up!

So many kitties!  At least everyone is getting along! 


Alfie wonders what kind of face Leo is making

Bearis the best!

Taj is terrific

Jessica just wants to sleep

Kona's watchful eye.  

Lopo shows of his scratching skills.  

Lucy is snug as a bug.  

Wave your paws in the air like you just don't care!  

Maggie and her bed are inseparable.  

Misu almost blends in up there!

Ollie loves his little shelves




Samson and his sweet face make your heart melt

Thanks for looking! 

Happy Black Friday!

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