Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 22nd

At last we're getting all your favorite felines on our blog today.  

Millie is just one of those kitties that should be a fashion model.  She is sooooo photogenic.  

Minni is so!


I just love those crossed eyes.

Vera is quite fond of this cozy bed

Marcel waiting for dinner.  

It's hard to get Louie to stand still for a photo op.

Frisky little guy!

 Lucille 3 is another photogenic kitty.

Cougar usually hangs out in the Catio but decided it's just too cold today and prefers curling up on a rug.  

Our man Samson!

Milo is such a beautiful kitten but still a little timid.  He likes to be on the office desk.  

Lucy and Muffin just hanging out in their baskets today and seem to have no interest in going out.  

Yuki and Hanna love to be in high places.   

Arrow spying on everyone

Kiki has been here many times.  She makes sure everyone knows who is the boss.

Kitties like to find their hiding places.  Venezia is under my desk right next to the space heater.  She seems to find comfort there so we just let her be.  

Here's our senior citizen at the cattery.  At 18 years old Junebug is one of the rare older boarders that doesn't require medications.  What a doll.  

Your blog host - Marie

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  1. Thank you Marie for posting the pictures of little Junebug! She looks comfy and cozy, and I'm proud of her she actually seems to be out and about and walking around. :)
    Thank you! -- Nancy from the snowy mountains of California