Sunday, October 15, 2017

October 15th

So many things to love about fall at All My Kitties

Magnificent Meena

Purr-C looks like a bat kitty!

Gus looks rather cozy!

Luna contemplating jumping on my shoulders

Rascal getting ready to follow me out to the catio

Chatty Jupiter

Cougar has on a Rorschach mask 

Simon ready to juuuump!

Pancho is a veteran boarder at AMK
(bonus Eru photobomb!)

Oh Rocky, you don't have to be bashful

Simon will always pose for me


Maska the sun-baska

Rascal always looking for love

Helllooooooo OPA!

She makes a perfect kitty shadow
Lil Idgie explorer

Idgie is just a lil smidgie!

Simon is always a little camera shy

Jack just "hanging out"

Dreamy Drake

Tula always has lots to talk about

The Lovely L.E.

Squishy face Saoirse

Vincent "I am the night!"

Kitkat & Smudge nap like twins even when they are in separate rooms!

L.S. enjoys the amazing view

Smokey's eyes are so stunning

L.E. says "bye bye for meow!"

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