Saturday, March 2, 2019

March 2nd

These Kitties Are Ready For Spring!
I could go swimming in Minka's eyes

Hey little Freyja!

Such a fierce baby

Francis is definitely a mama's boy

Phil is all face! 
Greyson jumps into the laser pointer party

Double trouble! Jackson and Jasper!

Moose sees a bird

Elsie has eyes as big as dinner plates

Hangin' with Mr. Coooper

Nino the Golden Boy

Frankie's favorite spot

Greyson sittin pretty
with his crossed paws

Francis steals Nino's bed

Moose is as snuggly as he looks!

Kaplan is in catio bliss

That tummy is just begging for a pet!

Blueberry likes to be where the action is

Simon's got some bed head

Raleigh is KING

Welcome back Quincy!!

Jackson is a quiet little dude 
Jasper isn't quite a little baby anymore!
Nino discovers new heights

I caught Frankie playing paws with Marie's kitties in the hall! 
Finally Phil sits still for an adorable portrait!

Lovey Dovey Coop Boop

Elsie decided to do some filing today

Chewy is stunning!
Raleigh looking extra cozy

Ian loves his luxurious condo

New sister Cocoa Bean isn't quite ready to explore yet

Moose says "see you guys next time!"

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