Monday, March 9, 2020

March 9th

Happy National Napping Day!

March 9th is National Napping Day.  There is such a holiday and cats celebrate it best!  Here's video compilation of cats napping in unconventional places!


Stewart's paws are fastidiously white. 

Great to have you back with us, Leo!

Chloe is a sweetie.  

Patrick is all over the place.  

Marie's cat Shiloh wants to have his picture taken.  

He'd like to be in every blog!  

Patrick is a lively little kitten!  

Here's one dapper dude, Stewart!  

Patrick can reach the highest hights.  

Delightful Chloe.

Ivy has been a good girl eating all of her nummies at night!  

Newcomer Olive is a real charmer!

You guys go pretty well together, Cora and Stewart!  

Cora is a blossoming flower.


Welcome back, Saba!

How cute are you, Olive?

You love your toy!

Curious Stewart.

This is how Leo waves hello.

Captivating Coco!

Happy National Napping Day!  Thanks for checking out the blog!

Your blog host,


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