Saturday, August 22, 2020

August 22

It was another nice day at All My Kitties!

Chewy and Maddie looking cute!

Archer is settling in!

Bird is staying hydrated!

Charles is chilling in his basket!

Cinnamon is cozy under the blanket!

Coco loves it on top of the condos!

Fairy is the perfect house cat!

Gabby is venturing out of her carrier!

Tuckerman and Jonesy are playing!

Jonesy is looking regal!

June is liking the window box!

Mack has the cutest pink nose!

Maxwell found a cozy corner!

Mika is chilling in her den!

Missy is talkative!

Nox is is liking it in his soft cube!

Petunia is being cute!

Puss N Boots with the garden!

Rocky is a Rockstar!

Rogue is settling in!

Roscoe likes this basket!

Sarge is on his perch!

Tuckerman is stretching out of his basket!

Zoo looks great with the garden!

We hope you have a purr-fect day!

Marie, Maddie, and Kara

All My Kitties

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