Saturday, September 19, 2020

September 19

September 19, 2020

Thank you Firefighters
 for making lives safer for everyone,
including our feline friends.

Our friend Chewy

Sarge had a little time out in the catio today.  

Return guest Quincy. 

Milly's first full day and she's feeling fine.

Return guest Pawl McCatney arrived today.

Oh those little cuties, Rowdy and Alina.

Chewy is just lounging about!

Coco and Seal are making the most of their basket!

Domino is reminding us it's dinner time!

Jackson is ready for his food!

Jasper is too.  They are hungry kitties.

Maks is settling in!

This is Missy's favorite spot!

Nina is so playful! It's fun having kitten guests.


Obi likes it on the catio!

Oyster is cozy in his den after a busy day of exploring the cattery.

Roger has an exquisite, silky black coat.

Sometimes it takes kitties a little longer to come out of their carriers.  I have high hopes that Miriam will emerge tomorrow.

We hope you have a purr-fect day!

Marie and Kara

All My Kitties

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