Tuesday, April 20, 2021

April 20, 2021

 April 20, 2021
The kitties are enjoying their day at "cat camp"! 🌳

Wally was brave enough to leave his condo today and find new spots to relax.

Roxanne was able to get to all of the activities on her list today.

Pepper explored all the levels of the downstairs cattery.

Missy was just on my lap and gave me some kisses on the chin.

Miso found a heated bed in one of our cat cabins.

Mezzy knows the importance of a good nap.

Maisie came out of her den and found a spot on top of the condos.

Kiwi is so social and friendly!

Jack is always close by.

Some group photos of the kitties enjoying the nice day. They like to watch all the cool critters they can see in the garden.

Enzo is really comfortable here now.

Chloe was extra talkative today.

Buzz jumped up into my arms. I love when kitties do that!

Bella loves to be where I am and definitely likes to be pet!

Teddy likes his view from his condo where he can see birds!

Chloe ventured out from her condo and found this cool box.

We hope you are having a purr-fect day!
AMK Team 🐈

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