Tuesday, March 14, 2023

March 14, 2023

 Happy Tuesday! 

Daji doing all the cat things: Scratching, loves and catnip

Blossom says "I heard there was catnip?"

Leo enjoying time with the older cats on the catio

Schrodinger catching some rays and coming in for his close up

Fergus exploring all the places!

Jinx telling me all about his new friends Laptop and Blossom

Laptop getting some catnip, some pets and some sun

Cinnamon & Muffin trying treats and exploring!

Oreo & Panther trying treats and finding all the resting spots

Gurnesey getting window time and hanging out with Daji


Basking in the sun! 
Getting this cat tree!

See you Thursday! 
-AMK Team

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