Wednesday, May 15, 2024

May 15, 2024

 May 15th 

We had lots of fun with all the kitties today! 

Here's Rickon entranced with the wand, and Kevin waiting for his turn in the background

Rickon also spent a lot of his day cuddling with us, while Punky found some good catio spots to get up high and watch everyone play

Ruby enjoyed us interrupting naptime for a treat, but was unsure how she felt about us taking pictures of her later in her favorite basket 

Nala is another cat who loves to survey the patio! Meanwhile Pixie has been prefering to stay cozy inside in her condo

Percy found a great spot on the catio where he could lay in both the sun and the shade!

Greyson did his daily routine of coming out to do some exploring downstairs, then returning upstairs to chill out on top of the condos

Enzo discovered a pile of toys and proclaimed it as his, while Bella scoped out a few new places to sit and judge me from 

Rosie has been out and about today, especially loving the catio!

Bernie is a goofball who always has a lot to say!

Kevin did some serious playing with the wand toy today!

Laptop is just as cute as possible, stretching his arms out through his bed

Roxanne got some good scratching post time in today!

Bayley is a little shy, but still plenty curious when the camera comes out! 

Daji is precious and has made himself right at home in the office!

Brownie and Miso love to explore all the nooks and crannys they can find in the office too!

Luna and Snow are exploring more and feeling more comfortable every day!

Edgar was super excited about fresh catnip today! 

That's al for today folks! We'll share more pictures of your feline friends soon.

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