Friday, November 4, 2011

Cats flood up the stairs!  There seems to be a herd underfoot at all times.  Pi, Pippin, and the kittens are a force to be reckoned!  (Wouldn't "Pi, Pippin, and the Kittens" be a good name for a children's book?)

Arrow!  I have disturbed him while eating... Sorry!



Arrow, you are so orange and pretty!

"Tryin' to eat, here!"

Sorry!  You're just so golden... I want to take your picture!

Franky pokes his tongue out at me-- not much-- he's a subtle guy.

Tiny kitten!

Dick is still quite shy.

Smokey is also a little on edge-- it being his first day back here in awhile.

Sky is quiet, today.

Sabrina naps, as usual.

One of the kitten twins tries to figure out the newly-replaced cat door.

"Hey-- somebody?  I don't get this!!!  How do I get in?"

Jane (of Dick, Jane, & Squeadle) is doing very well.

She hangs out in her condo,

loves to be petted,

and is just a dear, in general!

Franky peeks outside.

"Perhaps I'll go out today!" he thinks.

A kitten sneaks up to the cat door.

He finally got the kitty door open!  (Only to be rudely bopped on the head by Franky!  What a reward for learning!)

Wally likes the high places.  Does she realize she's above Dick?  Does Dick realize she's above him?  Maybe we'd better not tell them; they seem so peaceful now.

I had to chase Mac around to get this picture.

She looks serene, for having just been followed through the entire cattery by a paparazzi!

Squeadle is a sneaky hider!  The name makes me think he'll make a funny noise if I hug him.  Experiments will have to be done to find out.

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  1. Love the blog! And you're right - Wally loves high places but don't tell her she's not the only kitty around.. Michelle