Saturday, November 12, 2011

This is Juhyo,

and this is Margaux.

They are adorable cuddlers!

Sky wants some attention.

"Hey! Down here!"

Arrow spies Mac outside.  It is cold out today!  Some kitties just love it out there anyway!

Jane and I enjoy a little one-on-one time.

Minka loves warm, safe places.  Her fur is bunny-soft!

Sabrina has turned into such a sweetie!  She loves attention!

And she is vocal about it when she wants it!

Jane does some exploring...

Squeadle does the opposite of explore!

Dick, too, prefers to hide.

Arrow lounges...

Until I sneak up on him!

Franky is a sweet guy!

Jack Black, at attention!

Pippin watches Jack levitate!

Jack attack!

Pippin, watch out!

There's someone lurking above you!

Oh well... seems safe enough.

Jack takes a little break.

And then resumes jumping around like a maniac!

Pippin stands by and watches the show.

Jack!  Your tongue is all the way out, you goofball!

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