Saturday, May 5, 2012

 Serena has some red eye action going on.

 Parson enjoys a little fresh air in the outdoor window veranda.

 Talk about eyes...take a look at Chewie's cat eyes.  

 Huxley is in his carrier and ready to go home after three weeks at AMK.  I love you Huxley.

 Eru is chillin'.  Is that a third eye on your back Eru?

 Hannah loves to be outside, especially if she's in a heated basket.  So cozy Hannah.

 Humphrey is also outside, but he is in a heated cat cabin.

 This is not from the collection of Zoe pictures taken two days ago.  She pretty much likes this spot most of the time.  It's a good view to the garden and great for sun napping.

 Ms. Wilson is in position to greet the next customer who comes in.

 Cookie just can't stay out of the picture.  She's has to be involved in everything and Taiku doesn't look to happy about it.

 Ah, that's better for Taiko.

 Coco is wondering what I'm doing.  I'm taking your picture kitty.

 Mucia gives us a wink.

 Here's one of your toys Coco.  Come out and play.  She looks like I've disturbed her from her nap time.

 Pi really knows how to relax.

 What a cutie.
 Here is the marvelous ear tuft on Peach.

 Crook is so sweet.

 Tiger has been here for a couple of weeks and he doesn't know it but he's going home tomorrow.

 Way up on top of the condo is Sabrina.  She loves to be next to the warm ceiling light.

Kitty Agent Orange inside a cat head kitty basket.

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