Wednesday, May 9, 2012

 Nefertiti is a royal cat.

 Parson loves to look out the window.

 Eli always happily greets me.

 Smeagol watches from the warmth of the cat cabin.

 Lola, la la la la Lola.

 Sky tries her tae kwon do on the cat tree. 

 When all else fails, BITE!

 Nefertiti hears that there is a cat nip toy in the house.

 Found it and loving it.

 It might be Agent Orange's cat nip toy.

 But he much rather be brushed.  His undercoat is SOOOO thick.

 Cordelia wants to share in the cat nip toy play.

 Yum yum.  It looks very intriguing.


 Eru just naturally poses for the camera.

 Eli cozy in his basket.

 Oliver likes the comfort of his condo.

 Coco moved to a different condo, and loves it.

 Meanwhile Parson has discovered the cat nip toy.

 Everyday is a relaxing day for Crook.

Oh my goodness, Mucia is just not interested in having her picture taken today.

 Two look-a-like guests - Chomper and Cookie.  Hey, look at the camera!

 Lets compare these two kitties.  This is Cookie.

This is Chomper. Both are sweet little kitties.

Today's blog host:  Marie 

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  1. Coco we miss you! Hope you are enjoying your stay and new condo. We will see you soon! Thank you Marie for taking care of our little girl.
    -Jenna and Jude :)