Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My sweet butterball house cat Shiloh

 Newton checking inside the carpeted cat pagoda.

 Been there, done that.

 Our man Rusty.

 Jasmine in for a close camera sniff.

 What a sweet kitty you are Jasmine.

 Here's a handsome dude...Maine Coon cat Juan Tambian.

 Eru and Taiku in for some brotherly love.

 Nothing like a good head butting bro.

 Sam doesn't care about head butting, he just wants a heated bed.  Ahhhh.

 Kaplan and Eru (or is it Taiku) having a little conversation between the gates.

 Can Juan be any more relaxed?  Really?

 Emmett is another handsome dude at All My Kitties.  What a great cat.

 Loki looks a little bit like a Star Trek creature.  We love you Loki!!!

 Wooley, still kind of shy but such a gentle sweet kitty.

 Chief loves to be outside and howl all night, but today he is tired of all the activity and just sleeps in his basket.

 Jasmine has just finished with her fine dinning experience at All My Kitties.

 Emmett lounges after tonight's dinner.

 Kaplan isn't really locked in his condo, he just likes his privacy some of the time.

 Here's Chief thinking about tonight's outdoor prowl and howl.

 Sam is taking a look outside too, but he is also dreaming about his girl Jasmine.

 "Hey," says Loki.  "Am I missing something?

 Jasmine looks pretty cute in her purple bowed cat tent.  She loves it when Sam visits her boudior.

Cassini has quite the glowing cat collar.  Can't miss Cassini.

Tonight's blog host:  Marie

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