Saturday, June 16, 2012

Twyla is picture perfect in her basket by the window.

Donk watches...

...and appears shocked by something!

Alfy goes out to explore.

...then decides to take a nap on the rug.

It's a nice day to watch the hummingbirds in the garden!

Loki is a blur of activity!  It was pretty tough to get a photo that wasn't also a blur... :)

The twins, Eru and Taiko, scope out the area like a swat team.

Well... a very casual swat team.

Sam found coziness in an outdoor cabin.

Juan thinks it's plenty cozy enough outside!

He hangs out with his buddies, Philbert and Zezou.

Jasmine migrated to Juan's condo, up at the top of the stairs where it's nice and warm.

She is SO lovey dovey once you start petting her!

I just missed a shot of a little nose-touch between her and Kaplan.

Kaplan makes the rounds, touching everyone's noses.

Here he is with Emmett!

Rosabell has a moment of serenity.

Woolly found her fortress of solitude, and seems quite content there!

Gilda shows some leg!

Nadya is a sweetie!

Today is a day for kitties to sniff my hand, apparently.  Maybe I touched some food.  This is Newton.

Cassini is his sister.

Nadya, I won't let you out.  But I admit you are clever, for figuring out so quickly that that is the door!

Chief just arrived but he is rearin' to go.

Here is an action shot of his leap through the air down from his condo.  Look at the whiskers blown upwards! :)

Muggins goes out for his afternoon stroll.

Chief has the same idea.  Kaplan is behind him, wondering if Chief will touch noses with him.

Emmett watches the story unfold below.

Chief and Kaplan, from Emmett's viewpoint.  (I actually held the camera right in front of his face to get this shot.  Now I know why kitties like being up there so much!)

It's always a fun time at All My Kitties!

Come see us again soon!
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  1. Gilda is saucy that way! thanks for these wonderful posts! xo