Sunday, August 12, 2012

 Mittens enjoys some fresh catnip from the garden.

 Newton looks interested.

 Self portrait with Newton.

New cat Oslo checking out the catio.

 A refreshing drink for Lulu.

 OK, it's 11am and the outside shade thermometer says 83.  Good thing we have air conditioning.

 DJ taking a spin in the office chair.

 Sophie spots the scratching post.

 She's not very committed here.  She's giving it the one paw test.

 Catnip makes Cooper a little wacky. 

 Lets see is Dinah likes it.

Sophie loves the catnip.

 Babs found this little comfy basket outside, just perfect for her to snuggle up in.

 Parson takes over the window veranda all day, every day.

 Grace is a sweet little girl and poses well for the camera.

 Babs wants to tell me something.
 Sookie loves to lounge way up high on top of her cat condo. 

 Meanwhile back at the scratching post, Sophie discovers what it's all about.

 Why do kitties like to sleep on my printer?

 Gala progressed from her cat carrier to the basket.  Maybe out of her condo tomorrow?
 Wooly looks cozy in this carpeted nook.  

Loki prefers a cat tent.

 Oslo checks out the hanging mobile.

Beau just prancing around.

See you next time.


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