Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hi Parson, wanna play?

Oh, I guess you want that toy to yourself!  That's ok, I'll find something else to play with.

Like this floppy kitty, Puss 'n' Boots!

We have a guard who keeps constant watch over the stairwell.

Thanks, Moonie.  Just please, stop swiping at my head as I go by!

Mario may take the prize for cuddliest kitty.

Although Bodhi gives him stiff competition!

But Mario is a showboat in the sport of cuddling.

That is some out of control nuzzling!

Cordelia looks ready to introduce a Masterpiece Theater episode.

"Good evening..."

Gilda looks wiped!  I guess she had a long day!

Sophie guards Parson.

Romeo is not only sweet, but very smart.

He knows a fair amount of tricks.

Of course, I don't know which he knows, so most of how we interact...

...goes sort of like this.  Purrrrr....

Sophie and Alvin run over to me when I pick up a treat bag.

Rainy is such a sweet little lady kitty.

Chewie still feels safest in his carrier.  He's just that kinda guy, and that's ok.  We like all kinds of kitties.

Mia comes upstairs to see the action.

Buzz has a jaunty curl in his tail!

Kiki & Jasper look so cute in their bunk-basket, as always.

Kitty Angel gives me a fist bump of approval.

Bodhi, do you know what time it is?  Yep, dinner time.

Oscar is so lanky, he looks like a cartoon!

Koda meets Mario.  Mario isn't sure what's happening, so he stands very still... :)

Pi is comfy anywhere!

Lilly ran over to do this move right as I was taking the photo.  What a ham!  :)

Come see more kitties in another couple days.
Your blog host,

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  1. I love seeing my little sweetie when im away! Xo from Gilda's buddy.