Friday, March 1, 2013

A Blustery Day

It's a blustery Day outside of All My Kitties.  Typical early March weather.

 Hobbs is being my little desk buddy.  Loving the printer paper tray.

 What's this?

 Somethings coming out of the printer.  He batted at it a couple times then lost interest.

 It's morning here and Mary comes out to look out the window.

 Agent Orange likes the security under the chair.

 Lulu loves this little carpeted hutch.

 Mary taking a look at her breakfast bowl.

 Jasper is done eating and already starting on his morning nap.  One of many during the day.

 Kiki seems a little perturbed with me today.  She's staying in.

 Kawalski is a super sweet kitty.

Arina stops for a moment on the stairs to pose.

 Sparks is not so pleased about being photographed.

 Artie loves the outdoors.  Look at that magnificent coat that keeps him so warm. 

 Cougar is such a fun cat.  It's hard to keep him still to get a good camera shot.

 Juliana likes the heated floors.

Quinn, Artie's brother, also loves the outdoors.  Their coats were made for this weather.

 Then Pi comes comes along to eat Quinns breakfast, but Quinn doesn't seem to care. Get away Pi.

 I could use the same picture every time Muggins comes to visit.  He has a little attitude.

 Roo caught in a whirl when the feather toy comes out.

 There it is.  That green thing right in front of me.


 Got it!

Just another fun day at All My Kitties.

Keep covered if you're going outside.  You're blog host for today.  Marie

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