Sunday, March 31, 2013


It's a gorgeous holiday today at All My Kitties.

 Maggie finally discovers the outdoors.  

 She's not sure what to make of it, but I think she likes it.

 Tiger cruising through the driftwood sculptures.

 Pudge comes outside to take a look.  Ok, I had to coax him a little.

 Sister Igor has no problem exploring anywhere and everywhere.

 It's just a lounging kind of day for Eliza.

 Buster basks in the sun today.

Tiger is just a little flirt. 

You know, some kitties just like their carriers like Kimo here.

 Muffin and Lucy look like they just came out of hibernation.

Lilo found the secret kitty window box.

Eliza, still lounging.

Arina longs to be part of this painting. 

You're looking a little like a bunny today Millie.  What big ears you have.

Minka doing her best impression of downward dog.

Lulu loves the camera

She really would like to get inside the camera I think.

Buster loves the camera too.

What a beautiful kitty.

Sunny Sunday afternoon nap time.

Have a glorious day everyone!

Your blog host for today...Marie

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