Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rain rain go away

 Heyyyyyy!  I turn around and Curtis is scarfing up my Greek Yogurt.

Ah, there wasn't much left anyway.

 While Curtis eats my yogurt, the other kitties are lining up at the food room door.

 They know that Allison is on the other side of the door preparing their breakfast.

 Be patient everyone.

 Here she comes.

 Watch out! Bentley can't contain himself and grabs at her as she comes in the room.  Maybe it's time for everyone to go in their condos to eat.

 Elie can't be bothered.

 Bentley looks like the Mary Tyler Moore cat.  Does anyone remember that?

 Zezou and Philbert are such happy kitties.

 Here comes Lucy.

 Cleo is quiet comfortable on top of her condo.

 Koa makes himself right at home on his first day back to All My Kitties.

 Neddie is quite the climber.

 Up, up, up she goes.

Made it!

And she's so pleased with herself. 

 OK, here is Fraggle again.  What a gentleman and just a lover kitty.

 He'd like a new home where someone kisses him all the time.

 Caught Bentley mid lick at the drinking fountain.

 Puss' N Boots loves all his kitty friends.

 Frankie looks like she has a squirrel tail.

 Hmmmm, somethings happening between Charles and Mojo.

 While normally very sweet, Mojo clearly does not like something about Charles.

He's got the pose so I better break things up here before it escalates.  

 Juneau is such a player.

 She loves all the toys we have to offer.

 More sweet pictures of Lucy.

 We give her sister Millie a little scratch under the chin too.

 Tenzing is the biggest kitty we have here this week.  

 Rain, rain, go away...but it does make a lush green garden for the kitties to look out at.

 My new peace pole adds color.

 Cinderella pumpkins will be ready in October for my guests to take home.

 Tomatoes not looking so good.

 Meanwhile back in the cattery, Settie is trying to figure out what this chirping parrot is all about.

 Flo comes out of her condo for the first time and she puts on her best Halloween kitty pose.

 Ah, but she is a sweet kitty.  She just doesn't quite know what to make of all this yet.

 Bella out on the cat veranda.

 Koa pays Lola a visit.  Lola doesn't mind.  She is a really sweet, friendly kitty with people and other kitties.

 More of Bella.

 And more of Cleo.

 Venus enjoying a little fresh air.

 Koa does not like Bella being on top of his condo and he lets her know that.

 Here's Max with Venus' eyes in the crook of his tail.  

Bye for now from Flo.

Wow, that was a lot of photos.  It has been an unusually busy week with lots of sweet kitties.  Remember, if you want more pictures of your darlings, email us at and let us know.

Check in with us again in a couple of days.


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  1. Thank you for the pics of Flo. Please put more. We miss her sooooo much.....<3