Thursday, June 20, 2013

What your kitties are up to on a rainy day

Bella and Lupino had the right idea...staying in where it's nice and cozy 

Curtis was NOT happy I woke her up from a nap..she stayed under covers too! 

Pepe and Breesy are back! They joined us today 

Max was the only true Seattlite.. he didn't mind the rain! 

Rusty and Lola had different feelings on the matter though.. 

Nava Bean at least came out to say hi :)

Setty found the perfect cozy spot..and was quite satisfied with it!

Bentley on the prowl!

Oh Jessica. 

just the right moment!

Zizou and Stanley made the wise decision to stay in from the rain..but made sure they still had a good view of everything

Dixie was another sweet one who came out to visit :)

talk about a cuddle pile! Millie and Lucy :) staying dry and warm!

the bold guys.. Lucky doesn't mind rain. he actually LOVES it! 

Mojo just gets cozy wherever 

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