Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16

Cornelius scoping the place out!

Lady T loving that view!

Ziggy is tired like me today :/

Kuro! Glad he got his favorite seat back.. 

Aw sweet Nami isn't a huge fan of the flash..but she is awfully adorable!

Chewie just loves that attention!

Nima is a little confused as to what Flo is doing.. 

Oh Chewie... always knows how to grab out attention!

cozy spot there Bentley!

This guy is just too previous.. we love Henry!

Max for the close up

Oh Flo.. 

Bentley has the cutest habit of pawing at his food..

Max and Mickey playing!!

and Mickey sad because Max walked away from the game :(

Ohh FRAGGLE! lounging around front and center...loves to be where the people are!

Quite the friendly greet...Pi!

Lopo and Frank :) these brothers lounge outside together..a prefect pair. 

greetings from Max!


a pretty typical photo from Frankie. She's always hanging out by the door and making sure she grabs your attention every time you walk by

Charlie, that's not your condo!

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