Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9

Aww Flo! She knows how to grab everyone's attention

behind all that fluff is Chief :) he's staying nice and cool indoors

I see that you see the treat in my hand.. 

Nami likes to approve of you first...

then it's all love and attention!

The many, many precious faces of Ozzie.. 

and the many faces of Frankie too.. 

( we caught Ozzie in the background )

Lopo! taking up the whole shelf again I see?

Grace enjoying the summer sun :)

Oh hey there Finn

That curled up little ball is Bentley...he decided to pass on the sun today and find a nice place by the air conditioning. 

A very, very typical Fraggle face. This guy is awesome. 

you caught me?!


another cat that just loves attention.. we really got lucky with a group full of friendly kitties :)

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