Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 14

Tizzy made herself right at home.

Settie is being such a sweetie today!
Chin rubs are the best.

Ear rubs are a close second!

Herschel came down again this morning, but pretty soon he had important business to take care of on top of the condos.

CeeCee and I had a little fashion show this morning.

Just look at how stunning she is in this purple scarf.

These two sisters are just the sweetest cats in the world.

Those 3D printers really work! Look at how realistic this cat is.
Or... wait... Nevermind, this is even better, it's the real Leo!

Lucy having a stare-down with the sock mouse toy.

CeeCee and Tizzy =)

Pixel keeping an eye out on everybody.

Stanley you are such a goof ball!

I love this guy so much.

Aw sweet little Thumbs!  It took me a few days to notice she had extra toes hence the name "thumbs"...

Bentley staying cozy outside.

He's been following me around the room all morning. But he's only staying on top of the condos and won't come down.

Is this the kitty version of "the floor is lava"?

Pixel and Settie making friends!

With a name like Trouble, you'd think he'd be well.. More trouble. But he's such an easy cat to take care of and such a sweetie too!

Happy Cat-urday all!
Your blog host - Ellen

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