Thursday, December 26, 2013

Full house at AMK!

Pudge is tired from all the Christmas excitement yesterday.

Peanut's got a room with a view.

"Talk to the paw" says Gomez

Phil enjoying another kitty's condo.

CeeCee and Leo making friends.

Ceecee's sharpening her claws for the new year.

Leo getting some fresh air. What a cutie he is!

Sabrina taking it easy after a crazy day yesterday.

Lucy's out like a light!

Baby showing off her gorgeous coat.

Aww Tizzy getting ready for some beauty sleep.

We've got a couple buff orange tabby's with us. This here is Butter.

Zezou is such a lovable guy (and there's Josie in the background!)

George, what happened to all your food? Did you eat it?!

Josie was actually in the middle of a "headshake" in this picture. 

This gorgeous little thing is Miss Lola.

Stanley being his usual adorable self.

Juliana likes being up high and watching all the kitties.

Ollie taking a bath.

Chloe getting real.

Mmm yesss. Chin rubs for Miss Chloe!

Ollie having a blast with this banana toy and Bentley sneaking past him.

Charlie is such a handsome kitty, all dressed up in his tuxedo.

Sam in one of his favorite spots outside.

Ted has the most beautiful eyes.

This was the best picture I could get of Igor. She was being way too sweet and cuddly for me to get a better one!

Eliza enjoying the fresh air outside.

Yana looks nice and cozy in this heated basket.

All these kitties getting up close and personal with the camera. This beauty is Marcel.

Philbert looks as handsome as ever in the little bit of sunshine.

Jazzmine made her way outside and found a nice heated cabin to hang out in.

Nyar showing off Marie's garden.

Loup loves this little corner.  What a handsome kitty he is.

Notch was about to settle in for a nap but as soon as I came around he wanted some snuggles.

Neddie peeking out from her bed.

Look at those fangs on Beau!

Josie looking stunning as usual.

I woke Settie up again. Sorry sweetheart!

Jessica just got here a little bit ago but has already gotten comfortable.

Suzy is so beautiful. I love her pink nose.

Roo's kinda giving me the stink-eye here. 
But I think it's just from the flash on my camera.

Gabby showing off one of her silly walks!

I hope you all had a nice Christmas yesterday! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us at AMK.
Your blog host - Ellen

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