Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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Another wonderful day at All My Kitties

These two new friends, Bingo and Tommy are enjoying the Plexiglas window on this rainy day. 

It's a perfect day for kitties like Hunter to just take a catnap.

Jasper agrees.  Look at the rain on that window.  Yuck!

 Rosabelle, who is usually very active, finds a peaceful moment.

 New cats Amigo and Hunter(2) are getting special attention from Allison and Ellen.

Pepper has turned out to be quite an entertaining character.

Jasper loves piggy back rides on Ellen.

 Lyer is thoroughly entertained by the scratcher box AND the fur toy, all while looking handsome.

 Eliza is really putting up a complaint with this weather.

 Come on Cassini.  Smile for the camera.  You can do it.

Even Pepper tries to cheer her up, but no way will she be amused.

"Hey," says Puss N Boots. "You're in my place.  Scram Sam."

 Pepper begrudgingly leaves.

He SAYS he's Puss N Boots.  

But I think this is Puss N Boots.

Beautiful Jed will be even more beautiful after his visit to the beauty parlor tomorrow.  We'll take photos of his adventure. 


We've been trying to get these two small ones together.

Bingo and Esmeralda.

The feather toy does the trick. 

Even Albus starts to look a little more cheery.

What a difference a day makes, right Albus?

Tomorrow he'll be running around the cattery like he owns the place.


I'm tempting Skeeter with the feather toy too.

 And he gives it his Kung Fuuie.

Ah, meanwhile Buster is getting a enjoyable chin rub.

"More please." 

Miavia is not so impressed.

Skeeter's brother Skooter
is getting ready to jump right on my lap.

Where he stayed the whole time I was blogging.  Skooter likes to drool when he's happy too I'm finding out. 

Tommy is caught again on his favorite pillow.

"WHERE'S MY DINNER?" says Newton.  You're right Newton.  It's time to go and serve up dinner to all the wonderful kitties we have here today.  

February 19th is the 50th day of 2014.  Only 315 more days to go before we celebrate New Year's 2015.  What a thought.  We've got a lot planned before then so stay tuned.

Your blog host - Marie

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This is not Marie, this is Gomez.  

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