Monday, March 3, 2014

Mardi Gras!

Or locally in Seattle we call it  Fat Tuesday

Zed is the KING of Madi Gras

Some kitties are too sleepy to start celebrating like Baby here.

Hunter on the other hand is pretty excited!

Minka looks adorable surrounded by feathers.

Don't give me that sly look Amigo!  You're looking pretty handsome in those beads.

Tiger shows off his adornment.

Now that Baby's had a nap, she's ready to get this party started!

Benny is just too cute. His blanket almost matches this feather boa.

Phil just can't be bothered with the boa.

Babs is always ready to party.

William Wallace getting ready to pounce on some dazzle.

Allison and her buddy Ozzie.

Here at All My Kitties we exchange ear rubs for beads.

Sam is so stylish!

Zed and Miles sure know how to party!

Tiger is so happy with his new, colorful feather boa.

While Sherman here sleeps through the whole parade.

William Wallace shows off his balancing skills!

Here I am with Sam.

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