Thursday, March 13, 2014

Who wore it best?!

Morning snuggles with Lucy!  Yes she is digging her claws into my legs and yes, it does hurt.

Do I mind? Of course not! Anything to make this doll happy.

Sibling kittens Moe and Jo snuggling together.  They are so adorable.

It's time now for WHO WORE IT BEST???

The Oscars are over but we're getting our first look at the ladies' gowns.  Both Babs and Mittens are gorgeous.  But a little wardrobe malfunction tipped the scales.

 Babs wearing Chanel CATure with an over the shoulder sleeveless look. 

"Does this dress make my butt look big?"

Uh oh, wardrobe malfunction!

Here's Mitten's take on this lovely gown.
She went for the classic look and actually put the gown all the way on.  Isn't she stunning?

Sisters Pickle and Mochi would rather not wear their formal attire today.

Samson wanted to pay Twyla a visit in Twyla's condo and she doesn't seem to mind.

John Robie is snoozin' away. Zzzzzzzzz.

Gabby has had a rough day of laying in the sun. She's going to catch some zzzzzz now too.

Jackson is too busy admiring this gorgeous day and has no interest in posing for the camera.

Zed running over to get some lovin'

Fred is just ecstatic!

"Spring! YAY!!!"

Buzz much prefers the indoors.

Have a lovely day everyone!
Your blog host - Ellen 

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