Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 11th, 2014

Good Afternoon!!!
It's a sunny afternoon, a crazy afternoon, and for some of us a lazy afternoon

Looks like Loup (up top) and Cooper (down below) had the same idea for a good afternoon

Hi Marilyn, what are you up to?

Little Moe here is always in adventure mode

Big, fluffy Tenzing and sweet little Juneau make the cutest pair!

I love Juneau's mocha coat! 

Lawrence is just the sweetest silliest cat, he is full of affection for eveyone

George is the big climber of the three cats family (George, Loup and Marcel), but they are all playful and fantastic

Oka's just as sweet, while always keeping it mellow

Isn't Kali Beautiful? it must be all the sun she soaks up

Little Prince here just got in, I think the first thing he did was curl up for a nap

Frankie, you are so silly. All she wants to do is play outside

And who's that?

Just big, fluffy Marcel, chillin' like a villain

Chief here is a master of staying mellow

Just look at these two! Mochi and Pickle are so cute together!

An who could forget about Popo?

And here's a little comparison shot of Little Bit before and after chasing a toy all across the office

Blog today by Miles, hoping you all have the kind of afternoons our cats do!

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