Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2nd

Who's that behind the curtain?

It's Little Bit! She seems surprised I found her hiding spot.

I think I forgot to introduce this guy on my last blog. SORRY! This handsome fellow is Skeeter.

And here's his adorable brother Scooter.

Oka guarding her breakfast tray.

We've got two fluffy black kitties now. Above is Lawrence. He just came in this morning but seems to be settling in just fine.

And here's our Frankie girl. She's been coming to us for a while now and we all just love her.

This cutie is Sophie. Look at that pink lil nose!

Basso taking it easy and enjoying this sunny day.

Pywackie made it out to the catio today and curled up in one of the kitty cabins.

Gorgeous Kali enjoying some chin rubs.

She's such a sweetie.

Here's pretty little Twyla. She loves hanging out in her carrier.

Just a reminder we're almost full for 4th of July! Please hurry and make your reservations.

Happy Monday!
Your blog host - Ellen

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