Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 30th 2015

Awesome brothers Skeeter and Scooter have returned!

Percy comfy and cozy in his carrier

Bella's a shy one, but we know she'll warm up!

Sweets can't help but live up to her name!

Fred always gets his sun time

You're so big Caruso! I don't know how you fit in that basket

Luna was being super playful!

Lubu being his usual adorable self

Samantha loves her 1 on 1 people time

Who's that up there?

It's Phil!

Indie and badger are back!

Mr. Mossimo, hangin tight

Igor, making sure to get the attention of every passerby

Sam, always a sweet and laid back cat

And here's Haj keepin his belly warm!

Blog today by Miles, wishing you all sunshine and smiles!

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