Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 19th

A dramatic pose from Catamaran

Sleepy little Hana

Kitty is nice and cozy in his bed

Yuki loves this spot on top of the condos.

Marvin enjoying the view of the lake

WOW look at those eyes! Zee is such a handsome boy.

Lubu is such a nice sweet kitty.

Isn't Samantha just gorgeous?

Chloe just loves the camera.

Foster is the floppiest kitty ever

Miss Pixel is loving this spring weather

Sam called me over for some face rubs

Bailey has the cutest face

Dusty posing for the camera

Oops, sorry about the flash!

Bath time for Ruben

I think I woke Sampson up from his nap!

I went to say hello to Zee and then this happened.

Who doesn't love a shoulder kitty??

Chloe and Zee both wanted to be in my lap and get some attention.

Your blog host - Ellen

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